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The Nature Connection

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Wellbeing

Nurture mindfulness within nature for self-care and self-development. 

Meet Michele


welcome to The Nature Connection, your guide to finding your mindful connection to nature and yourself. Discover your inner peace in the modern world by following the footsteps of ancient wisdom.


Come and join me on this adventure and empower your self-care journey...


(the picture is me in The Petrified Forest, Arizona)


Some benefits of practising mindful connection with nature...

Reduce symptoms of anxiety

Empower Self-Healing

Build Resilience

Navigate Change

Embrace Inner Peace

Enhance Concentration

Improve Your Sleep

Connect To Joy



Come and join me and discover the power of nature for yourself...

Forest Walking

Nature Connection Walks

I guide you towards a deeper experience of nature through mindful connection to the natural environment.
Events for adults, families and accessible sessions.


These sessions offer the benefits of both practicing mindfulness and spending time in nature.

They are experienced at a gentle, slow-pace, with plenty of pauses to be still and experience a deeper connection to nature. The pace of these sessions is gentle, it is not a hike!

Participants are guided through a series of invitations which facilitate a mindful experience to the natural environment through the senses, with moments to reflect and process.

Each session will vary, depending upon the landscape and weather on the day.

By working with a nature connection guide, you will become empowered to continue a natural mindfulness practice in your day-to-day life with the skills you will develop.

Image by Ioana Ye

Nature Journaling

Enhance your relationship with nature, yourself and your creativity through nature journaling

Image by Daniel Morris

Exploring Ogham

An introduction to Ogham and the it's role in the modern world. Explore how it can support your connection to nature and mindful divination

Meet Michele

A bit about me

Nurturing my relationship and connection with nature has been a lifelong pursuit. She has been my guide, my mentor, and wise confidante over the years. Following my training as both a Meditation and a Mindfulness Coach in 2019, I came across the work of Ian Banyard, pioneer of Natural Mindfulness. I immediately trained with him as a Natural Mindfulness Guide. 

The combination of the healing powers of nature, along with mindful awareness offers the most potent of wellbeing practices.  

It is important to me that my work empowers people to develop their own relationship with nature and agency over their own wellbeing. I do not believe in dogma or certainties. This is your journey and experience.


 I may turn to an oak tree when I need to connect with my strength, however, you may turn to the wisdom of the elm.


There is no right or wrong, only a lifetime of exquisite discovery. 


I can guide you to develop a toolkit for a deeper mindful connection to nature or a deeper spiritual connection through Ogham. 

However we may work together, it is my honour to do so and my mission to help equip you with self-care practices to last a lifetime. 


My Qualifications

Ten years ago, I  began my exploration of energetic anatomy and healing, leading me to qualify in crystal healing, Reiki, and sound healing. I then qualified in the field of nature connection and mindfulness, incorporating my work as a Journal Therapist. Nature connection, mindfulness, journaling and energetic self-care have been the most vital elements of my personal practice. Here are my qualifications:

Natural Mindfulness Guide

Forest Bathing Guide

Mindfulness/Meditation Coach

Journal Therapy Practitioner

Nature Journaling Facilitator

Usui Reiki Master

Crystal Healing Practitioner
Sound Therapy Practitioner

Indian Head Massage Therapist

Celtic Reiki Master Teacher

Ogham Celtic Tree Lore
Ogham Staves Reader

Tree Seer

Pendulum & Dowsing 

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